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This Proteq training course teaches participants the skills needed to become an certified Proteq installer/detailer. Designed with the entire shop in mind, this course provides the foundation needed to succeed for any member of your team – for sales, service, installers/technicians, as well as owners. Participants will learn the basics of, Paint Protection Film, Wraps & its application, and Nano Ceramics Application.

This workshop is aimed at helping the attendees to learn the full breath of techniques to use and apply Proteq Nano Ceramics and Paint Protection Film. Upon completion participants are awarded a Proteq certificate. Participants will leave with a better understanding of the industry at hand, the materials and tools needed and more confidence in their technique and application of Nano Ceramics and PPF.

Proteq Training
Proteq Paint Protection Film Training

Detailing & Nano Ceramics (D&C)

It is a thorough meticulous cleaning of a car using the right products & equipment with the purpose of making it look as clean as possible, both inside and out. It’s that simple!

You will always need tools to do a great installation. Learn the types of tools & how to use them. list provided with everything to get started and how to save money on materials, prep, and paint correction processes.

So how will you start applying? We’ll teach you the basics.

A very important part of every vehicle. Yet something easily forgotten. Some things add value, this is just one of them.

How do you go about it? Learn the tricks of the trade.

Training Details


  • Vehicle Evaluation, Prep, & Process Combinations
  • Introduction to Tools and Equipment & Compounds
  • Hands-on training for Best Practices in Masking/Taping, Clay-bar Application, Paint Correction, & how to sell detailing services


  • Surface Prep for Ceramics Application
  • Base Coat & Top Coat Application
  • Application on Glass & Matte Surfaces


  • Hands-on Training Extended
  • Internal Evaluation of Top-3 performers in the batch
  • Certification
  • Custom made financial tools to run a successful business

PPF Traning

There are so many types of Paint Protection Films available, but did you know how they are made & what they do?

You will always need tools to do a great installation. Learn the types of tools & how to use them.

So how will you start applying? We’ll teach you the basics.

Did you know why you need this? We’ll make you a pro.

There are so many more things to mix than just cocktails! See what the pros do.

Get the most out of that roll, make your customer happy!

How efficient can you be in utilising and saving! A surprise for you to follow

Everyone need some, and some give them too! Learn and share.

Proteq Paint Protection Film Training

PPF Training


  • Introduction to Materials & Tools
  • Introduction to Wraps


  • Introduction to PPF
  • Types of PPF
  • Measurements, Placement, Application, Hands-on work will you drop


  • More Hands-on work
  • Internal Evaluation of Top-3 performers in the batch
  • Certification

Upcoming Events

DNC Goa - March 2022

7th March, 8th March, 9th March

PPF Goa - March 2022

10th March, 11th March, 12th March

DNC Goa - March 2022

21th March, 22th March, 23th March

PPF Goa - March 2022

24th March, 25th March, 26th March

Kerala - March 2022

29th March, 30th March, 31th March

PPF Goa - April 2022

7th April, 8th April, 9th April

PPF Goa - April 2022

21th April, 22th April, 23th April

Trainer Details

Winston ‘Bino’ Brito

Meet Winston Brito, our PPF Champion. He’s lovingly known as ‘Bino’ in the industry circle. Bino is based in Goa. Trained with the global-elites and industry heavy-weights of the PPF & Wrap industry, and an experience of more than 10 years in the field of PPF & Wrap application, Bino is the go-to man for anything in PPF & Wraps. It’s very exciting for us at Proteq to bring this opportunity to you.

Diana ‘Wonder Woman’ Carvalho

In an industry dominated by men, Diana brings in the missing ‘Girl Power’. We haven’t seen a force like Diana, and it’s a delight to see her do all the wonderful stuff she does along-with Bino. She’s an excellent mentor to those who want to acquire PPF & Wrap skills. If you’re guy who's reading this, get encouraged. And if you’re a girl who’s reading this, get more encouraged.

Vighnesh ‘Viggy’ Patil

This is Vighnesh. We have never come across anyone who’s so obsessed with detailing in the detailing industry. He his one who loves to get his hands dirty and see his face when he swipes that body panel with joy. His skills have taken him to the likes of Ferrari & Rolls Royce for vehicle detailing services. Up to date with all the trends in the detailing industry, Viggy is an excellent coach and loves to share his passion through our initiative.


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